The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz (“HACSC”) is publishing this request for proposals to provide interested parties with the opportunity to request Project Based Vouchers to support existing affordable housing or to promote the development of additional affordable housing.

Scoring Criteria

HACSC will consider the following criteria. Please provide a narrative response clearly addressing each of the criteria listed below.

  • The extent to which the proposal would either create new affordable housing opportunities where no such affordable housing currently exists (25 points), or would retain currently affordable housing that was at imminent risk of losing its affordability requirements (20 points), or would result in substantial improvements to existing housing (15 points).
  • The extent to which the project based units would create new housing opportunities available to top applicants on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list (15 points).
  • The extent to which the project based units would create or retain housing opportunities designated for hard to house populations, such as mentally ill, chronically homeless, veterans, or other special populations through restrictions based on funding source, or preferences established by the property owner, and the extent to which services for these special populations are provided on site or in the immediate area for occupants of the property. (10 points)
  • The extent to which project basing the units would further the goal of de-concentrating poverty and expanding housing opportunities for lower income households into higher income and / or higher opportunity areas. (10 points)
  • The extent to which project basing the units would support or complement other local activities (such as the redevelopment of a public housing site, the HOME program, CDBG activities, etc.) (10 points)
  • Site location (10 points)
  • Management and owner experience (10 points)
  • Design and amenities (5 points)
  • Project feasibility and readiness (5 points)

The scoring criteria includes 100 base points.

Before officially selecting any project based voucher proposal, the HACSC will determine that the proposal complies with HUD program regulations and requirements, including a determination that the property is eligible for project based vouchers, that the proposal complies with the cap on the number of project based units per building, and that the proposal meets HUD’s site selection standards. The owner / property manager may apply additional eligibility and screening criteria, as required by funding sources; such screening criteria are subject to Housing Authority approval.

While the Housing Authority will consider applications for PBV on an ongoing basis, there is no guarantee that any proposal will be selected as a result of the RFP.

Proposals may be submitted at any time. All proposals will be scored according to the criteria listed above.

Outcome and Notification

HACSC will notify all parties in writing within two months of proposal submission. In the event that a proposal is selected, the Housing Authority will announce this on the Housing Authority website. The Housing Authority will make documentation available regarding the basis for the selection of any project based voucher proposal to any interested persons.

For additional information, please contact the Property Management Department at (831) 454-9455 Ext 223.


In accordance with HUD Section 3 regulations, the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz directs employment opportunities generated by Section 3-covered assistance towards: residents of low-rent public housing; low-income residents in areas where Section 3 construction projects are underway; and business employing such persons. Available employment and contracts are primarily in the areas of construction and clerical work. For more information and to be placed on a solicitation list in case such positions become available, contact the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz at 454-9455. EOE


De acuerdo con las reglamentaciones de la Sección 3 de HUD, la Autoridad de Viviendas del Condado de Santa Cruz dirige las oportunidades de empleo derivadas de la ayuda especificada en la Sección 3 hacia: los residentes de viviendas gubernamentales de alquiler reducido; los residentes de bajos ingresos en áreas donde se está llevando a cabo la construcción de proyectos de la Sección 3; y los negocios que emplean a estas personas. Existen empleos y contratos principalmente en la construcción y en trabajo de oficina. Para más información y para anotarse en la lista de solicitud en caso de que se ofrecieran tales puestos, comuniquese con la Autoridad de Viviendas del Condado de Santa Cruz, llamando al 454-9455. EOE

Si desea una traducción en español, por favor llame al (831) 454-9455.